Friday, 5 September 2008

life in korea...

I'm back... and in a whole new country, which means, a whole new blog. I've been in Korea for more than a month now, and so far, I could not be happier.

Once again, leaving was a nightmare... because I had to pack my bags, which I hate doing, but luckily, with the help of my wonderful mother, I managed to keep it to 2 bags... which is more than I can say for my travel buddy Liz!

We made it through the flight, the DIRECT flight, might I add. We were met by some of the amazing KIS staff, and after spending an hour in cargo waiting for Liz's luggage, we were taken to our apartment. My apartment is fantastic. It's a lot bigger than I expected, and it's so clean and new and in an amazing part of town. Plus, it's right on the subway line. GOOD BYE TAXI'S!

The view from my apartment

My very tidy living room

The new staff orientation was a good mix of getting to know Korea and getting to know the school. I have been blown away by the staff. Everyone is nice, fun, and insanely hard workers. It's super refreshing being at a real school! And guess what? I have 20 kids! A real class! It's amazing.

Seoul is definitely a city that does not sleep. The streets are always crowded, there is always traffic, and there are always Ajima's (old korean women) elbowing through the crowd.

It looks like life in Korea is going to be a pretty big mixed bag of events. Over the course of my month here I have kept myself pretty busy...

1. Dancing (of course)
2. Singing my little heart out at a Norebong (karaoke)

3. Walking the beautiful trail along the river outside my apartment

4. Braving Korean Costco, and other various shopping adventures
5. Hiking mountains
View from the top

6. There may have been a few nights that alcohol was consumed
7. Sightseeing Seoul

8. Attempting being a vegetarian in Korea - which is a challenge, but not quite as hard as I thought
Cutting up the chicken in the Takalbi dish...
looked so delicious while I enjoyed my Kimchi and steamed rice!

9. Playing squash
10. Swimming
11. Watching a flute recital at a grand hall in the city... my student's mom is a professional floutist. She gave me free tickets... the first of many student gifts, so I am told
12. Watching loads of Korean Olympics
13. Teaching, planning, teaching, planning... the work part goes without saying
Back to Ms. Lang

This is a condensed list, based solely on laziness!

I plan to write more about life in Korea as the year continues.

Uncle Mike, I know you are still with me!

Love to all!